Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet Amy!

Introducing 'Amy", she is quite cute I must say( hehe)!

She is on a mission to educate and promote Autism Awareness. She is our newest addition and will be arriving soon. She was created for us by The Peanut Butter Bandit- thanks Kathy. I was so honored and surprised she was given my name- I am humbled.

She is perfect to wear as a pendant or hang on a tree for the Holidays. Watch for "Amy" in future postings to see her worn at various places...promoting Awareness!!!

"Amy" is handpainted , so each will be slightly different, and made when ordered. 'Amy is $14.

Blessings to all~



  1. Hi Amy, I have been trying to contact you via email but I keep getting a delivery error. I won your doodle pak giveaway in April and have not received it yet. Sorry to bother you, but when should I be expecting it?

  2. WOW!!! I am so sorry!!!! I had been in contact with Elizabeth who was sponsering the giveaway- she was given all your information, and said she would contact you! O my goodness.. I am so sorry, I will follow up!!!