Sunday, January 3, 2010

FACEBOOK.. we are there!

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. We had some challenges and a loss.

Our dear Golden Retriever passed away, it was unexpected. It was hard explaining to Trey, our precious son with Autism, why his "best friend" was not here. I am not sure how much he understands, I speak of MY FATHER , MY JESUS often, and we say prayers, but I am not sure what all is being absorbed. I was once told by someone in my MOPS group Trey does know, amazingly she said this to me out of the blue one day( a few years ago). Well, of course I began to cry( I am a mom,and a girl, and sensitive) and since that time, I have trusted her words. So I explained to Trey- Henry was in heaven with Hampton and Higgins, (our other dogs that Trey had meet, but really had nothing to do with). Then Trey said something that I will never forget, "I want to give Henry yellow flowers for friendship". WHAT!! You mean my son with Autism, sporadic language, difficult to understand at times, says a complete sentence, and knows yellow is sign for Friendship- at least in roses world. We girls know this, red means love, yellow means friends, and pink is " I Like You' and so on.... my son is comforting me in a way only he can, how simple, but yet so insightful. Sometimes simple is better, thank you Trey. In my moment and struggle of the right words to say, you , my sweet son, comforted me.

I was given this child by GOD, he teaches me. I am the blessed one, in that moment all I could do was thank GOD for my gift Trey -"for this child I prayed" 1 Samuel 1:27.

Thank you for letting me share~ Now..

Olive's Ltd is gearing up for some exciting giveaways. We are currently working on one now, that is awesome, and sooo very cute. I can't wait to unavail it...tah dah..but not yet.

I am excited to announce I created a Facebook page for Olive's Ltd. I am new to all this, but it is fun! If any of you are on there please look us up( Olive's Ltd). We have pictures on there, and will announce giveaways there too.

I am still going to be blogging... I LOVE it. It is comforting to me, and my hope by doing so is to bless or minister to someone else. We all have challenges, they may not be the same as mine, but as my sisters in Christ I will pray and think of you.

I leave with you this verse-
Psalms 52:8
But I [am] like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.


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