Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to school, friends and specials!

The Perfect "Back to School" Accessory- Monogram Bookmarkers

Its that time!

If you are like me, you are preparing to send your little ones back to school. It makes me sad...summer is ending, and I constantly wonder if we did enough, did they have fun, did they think I worked to much...on and on.. So as a get out Trey's uniforms for school I realize, my "little" boy who is now going into first grade, can not wear last year's uniform.. he has grown. How could this have happened? We live in the same house, and see each other every day!! Denial, it is a terrible thing, but this summer he lived in boxers and t shirts, so am I fully at fault?? Sooo- as I was happy at the fact I had completed all my "back to school shopping" , I left out the important - "big boy" cloths.. Well let me get my box of kleenex and head out to the Mall. So if you see me and I am crying, you will know why. They are not tears of joy that he is going back to school, but tears of sadness, because he can't stay with me, in his little boxers.

I guess I better check Parker's closet too.. I may need a case of kleenex.

Friends!! Please tell your friends about us and have them join the blog . You and your friend will get 20% off your order. I posted below some really cute pony tail holders that would look great for school. We also have bows and other accessories that are not on the website that I have in stock right now and ready to be shipped. I would love to send you a picture of what we have available!!!
Happy Day~

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