Monday, August 17, 2009

For you..

We are home after a week at the Beach, and I miss it already!! However, the memories that we created as a family will forever be in my heart. I was surprised by sweet hand holding, beautiful laughter and best of all mud pies, a way to a mom's heart! I watched my son with Autism become one with the ocean... I think secretly the ocean has Autism. What a news story that would be, talk about raising awareness. The two of them played together in their own worlds and watched over each other so carefully. If you think about it the ocean can be unpredictable, just like a child with Autism, however their worlds I envy, for they show no fear and only see the good. O... but should a change occur, they both rage and have meltdowns and let you know, YOU have disturbed their world. Yes, I believe the ocean has Autism, and how jealous I was watching them play and dance together and not let me join in...but how I thanked GOD in my heart for making the ocean and for giving Trey to me.
Parker, well he made friends with the pool... and that is another thought... the pool is all about FUN!! So thank you GOD for my precious boys and the gifts you have given them.

Stay tuned... Fall items are on there way, and I can't wait to share them with all of you! Please pass our blog and website along to your friends!!! We love friends.

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